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2020 Females

SOLD Friends in Low Places Sale on SC Cattle Sales
November 3, 2020


LKD Miss Hope 002

Sire: LOUB Winter Soldier 430E

Dam: LKD Miss Passport 541

Birth date: 2.17.2020

Thank you Ava Stewart for purchasing this heifer!


LKD Miss Holly 022

Sire: WCR Icon 756 P

Dam: LKD Miss Rex 310

Birth date: 3.19.2020


Thank you Blaine Finster for purchasing this heifer! 


LKD Miss Helen 015

Sire: WR Wrangler W601

Dam: LKD Miss Bluegrass 206

Birth date: 3.13.2020

Thank you Cade Kresak for purchasing this heifer!


DC Miss Heidi 025

Sire: TR Cag Carbon Copy 7630E ET

Dam: BOY BSMT Montella Marie 623 ET

Birth date: 4.14.2020

Thank you Easton Brevik for purchasing this heifer!


LKD Miss Hannah 086

Sire: LT Sundance 6132 PLD

Dam: LKD Miss Institute

Birth date: 4.25.2020

Thank you Serendipity Charolais for purchasing this heifer!

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